Multiplier event & Intellectual Outputs of the MI project

Multiplier event & Intellectual Outputs of the MI project

After two years of intensive work, the Erasmus+ project entitled "Multiple Intelligence: A new approach for an effective education", in which ANCE participated as a partner, was successfully completed. The project aimed to propose a new teaching methodology based on Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligence. During the Multiplier event that we organized in Athens on September 30, we presented the intellectual outputs of the project and specifically, a proposed curriculum for students of pedagogical schools in Greek universities, a handbook for educational policy makers and a handbook for teachers regarding the way they can apply the multiple intelligence theory in the classroom.

Hopefully, through project’s activities and results, multiple intelligence theory became widely known both in the educational field and in the general public. Our will was to contribute to the development of the appropriate conditions under which inclusive education becomes reality in the years to come.

Below you can find the Intellectual Outputs of the project:


Handbook for Policy makers_EN

Handbook for teachers_EN




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