Climb it UP Final Study Report

Climb it UP Final Study Report

After many months of dedicated research and collaboration, we are thrilled to announce the E-publication of the Climb it UP Final Study Report! This comprehensive report brings together primary and secondary data from five partner countries: Greece (GR), Italy (IT), Spain (ES), Austria (AT), and Germany (DE).

What's Inside the Report?
In this final report, you'll discover:
- In-depth information about climbing and its numerous benefits on soft skills development and social inclusion.
- Detailed results from interviews with climbers and climbing instructors, sharing their valuable insights and experiences.
- Comprehensive findings from our survey conducted with migrants and ethnic minorities, highlighting the impact of climbing on their integration and personal growth.

Our research aims to shed light on how climbing can be a powerful tool for enhancing life skills, fostering community, and promoting inclusivity.
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Thank you to everyone who supported and contributed to this study. Together, we can continue to climb higher and foster a more inclusive world.

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