EQUAL PROJECT – Training of Trainers session

EQUAL PROJECT - Training of Trainers session

In the framework of Work Package 2 - Capacity Building of Local CSOs, we are happy to announce that today marked a significant milestone with the successful completion of an online Training of Trainers session. This session brought together our international and Uzbek experts on CSOs, Gender Equality, and local trainers.

The session was dedicated to discussing the details of our comprehensive Capacity Building (CB) programme, meticulously crafted to enhance the skills and capabilities of Uzbek CSOs' staff. With a focus on empowering individuals and organizations, our CB programme aims to foster a more inclusive and equitable society.
The CB content is ingeniously structured into the modular format, revolving around two pivotal pillars:

- The first pillar sheds light on "Gender Equality and Combatting Domestic Violence," emphasizing the importance of addressing gender-based issues.
- The second pillar is dedicated to "Strengthening CSOs'/NGO's Capacity for Providing and Sustaining Better Services to Women and Girls," highlighting the crucial role of CSOs in supporting vulnerable communities.

The CB programme delivery is scheduled to start at the end of May and it will be rolled out across three regions of Uzbekistan - Fergana, Namangan, and Kashkadarya - where gender-based challenges are most prevalent.

Stay tuned for more updates as we proceed towards a more inclusive and equal world!


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