Created in 1969, the first edition of the Pan-African Festival of Cinema and Television of Ouagadougou (FESPACO) was tenuous and since its institutionalization in 1972 successive editions have been held. With the support of the authorities of Burkina Faso, film professionals, the EU and other partners, FESPACO now occupies an important place in the cinematic and cultural landscape of the African continent. The biennial FESPACO and International Market of Film and Television Africans (MICA) is held every two years.

The EU supports FESPACO from the 6th EDF. This support has continued through the signing in 2012 of a financing agreement, for the organization of the 2013 and 2015 editions. For the edition 2017, the EU has shown again its support at strengthening a) the professionalism in organizing the biennial training in cinema and audiovisual, b) the impact and economics viability of FESPACO and c) the organization of MICA offering real opportunities for film marketing.

The project aims at strengthening the role of FESPACO and its international visibility in the promotion and distribution of African cinema through optimal organization of the biennial and greater involvement of film professionals. More specifically, the objective of the 2019 edition of FESPACO is to consolidate its role and place in the promotion/dissemination of African cinema and the professionalization of the organization of MICA. In order for that to be achieved the following activities will be implemented:

  1. The renovation and modernization of FESPACO website and MICA
  2. The creation of an online video library
  3. The printing of the catalog of MICA and FESPACO
  4. The printing of the program brochure of FESPACO
  5. The finalization of the development of FESPACO smartphone application and
  6. The support for the implementation of professional communication of MICA

The project is financed by the EU (European Development Fund) and implemented by the Consortium led by ANCE in cooperation with KMOP.


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