Bridging The Gap: Building Community Empowerment And Sustainable Development In Southern Giza Marginal Communities (2007-2010)

The aim of the project was to improve the Socio-Economic conditions of vulnerable people resident in four sub-urban and semi-rural communities of Egypt, through promoting Community empowerment, Educational facilities, Socio-cultural initiatives, Vocational training and Job orientation services. The project main activities included: Capacity Building; Gender awareness; Educational centers’ rehabilitation; Teachers' trainings; Public libraries and Community Media Centers; Job-orientation services; Vocational training; Working conditions improvement; Income-Generating activities.

The results of the project were: 1) Community empowerment through capacity building and gender awareness; 2) Quantity and quality of the services offered by Educational centres improved; 3) Socio-cultural activities promoted/enhanced; 4) Job-orientation services and Vocational training strengthened and linked to income-generating activities.

The project was co-funded by EuropeAid (Co-Financing with European Development NGO’s - Actions in Developing Countries)


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