CLIMCOM – Climate Communication: Fostering South-North Dialogues On Climate Change And Global Lifestyles Through The Youths Channels Of Multimedia And Web 2.0 Communication (2010-2011)

The ClimCom project’s objective was to make use of a strategic mix of new media elements: time and place independent internet tools to sensitize and empower young people in six countries for climate change issues and renewable energy. This was done by the production of audio visual products during two encounters in Chile and Germany, backed up by professional media teams where 12 participants from Germany, Italy, Greece, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Chile not only learn how to communicate the complex and complicated interrelatedness of the issues of climate change, energy, poverty and north-south relations. The participants also acquired skills in disseminating these products through communication channels and in empowering themselves to take up active citizenship by informing the global youths, the internet generation about these issues through an interactive web platform.

A bundled set of activities were implemented to achieve these objectives: ideas, examples, messages, metaphors, symbols and visions were developed and translated to audiovisual products. These were taken up during the set-up of an international, inter-cultural web-platform where the project’s participants fostered exchange on the issue among youths worldwide, launched multimedia competitions and hosted a virtual festival. The structured and synergetic use of web 2.0 and traditional internet channels for dissemination and global networking was one of the main challenges for the project’s success in gathering as well as spreading information on the issues on global scale.

The project was co-financed by the program Youth in Action”, Action 3.2 Youth in the World: Cooperation with countries other than the neighboring countries of the European Union.


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