CooL – Change of our Lives (2009-2010)

CooL was an international project that aimed at raising the awareness of young people – the web 2.0 and internet generation in particular – in Germany, Greece, Italy and Latvia and the EU in general, on the protection of the environment, climate change issues and renewable energy in relation to their lifestyles.

By making use of new media and the internet, young people from different countries worked together in order to promote sustainable lifestyles and climate protection.

2 virtual competitions launched during the project. Competitors expected to submit multimedia works (such as radio reports, radio spots, video spots, short films, cell phone spots, weblogs, flash animations, web-based comics) that contained ideas, messages, information etc. about sustainable lifestyles and climate protection.

The selected works exhibited in virtual festivals and disseminated widely.

The project initiated an intercultural learning process on issues which are relevant for all European youth and which will be of crucial importance in the near future and thus an important area for young people to take action and shape their future.

The project implemented with the financial support of the European Commission (Youth in Action Programme, Action 4.5).


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