The aim of the project was to evaluate relevant EU previous actions in the education sector and to identify key areas of future support. More specifically, the project consisted of two components:

  • The evaluation of 5 projects (implemented and on-going) under the overall sector programme. The evaluation provided the relevant services of the EU, the interested stakeholders and the wider public with: a) an overall independent assessment of the past performance of the EU Support to the education sector (2011-2018), and b) key lessons learnt, best practices and recommendations in order to improve current (if relevant) and future Programme(s)
  • The identification assignment, whose main purpose was to compile and analyse the necessary information for the Delegation of the EU to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Government of Jordan to assess the relevance and scope of a programme in the field of education under the Annual Action Plan (AAP) 2019.

The main activities of the project included:

  • Preliminary desk based review of documentation; reconstruction of intervention logic, judgment criteria and indicators; initial interviews with relevant stakeholders
  • In-depth document analysis, interviews and identification of preliminary answers to the Evaluation Questions (EQs)
  • Meetings at country level with key stakeholders; gathering of primary evidence with the use of equity-focused evaluation tools targeting to the needs of worst-off groups e.g. Syrian Refugees, children with special needs, girls; data collection and analysis
  • Formulation of the overall assessment, conclusions and recommendations
  • Identification of the future education programme under the AAP 2019




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