M.A.T.C.A. – “Work – Adaptability – Tradition – Cohesion – Action” (2015)

The general objective of the project was the strengthening of vulnerable groups’ access in the labor market and the promotion of the social inclusion through the establishment of social economy structures. In the framework of the project, 6 social economy structures were established and 39 new jobs were created.

The goals of the project were achieved not only through the establishment of the social economy structures but also through the implementation of:

  • awareness activities (21 awareness events will be organized)
  • counselling and training of vulnerable people
  • networking and partnerships among the established social economy structures.

The project suggested for the issue of social inclusion within the social economy a complex and multi-levelled approach given that it includes both formal and non-formal training and transfer of best practices.

The project was funded by European Social Fund in the framework of Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development and the Government of Romania


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