NON-PROFIT SPACE: The non-profit sector as key and transversal competencies generator (NoProS) (2009-2011)

The Consortium was set up to represent LLL with actors dealing directly with adults learning and with actors of the main Non-profit areas of intervention. Adult education is a key component of LLL and has a key role within all the EU strategies starting from Lisbon. It’s considered a “public good” and a public responsibility, with a cultural mediation role and a support to the social capital growth in terms of increase in citizen participation, better health conditions and higher level of wealth and individual realization feeling, which are typical feature of Non-profit. Despite the increasing attention of the EU towards LLL, adult education is not developed enough. NOPROS intended to facilitate the access to LLL and the attainment of key and transversal competencies by using the Non-profit sector as a tool. The main outputs were:

  • NOPROS LEARNING CIRCLES METHODOLOGY: as a democratic and emancipatory method and arena for learning, particularly among adults. This methodology will be integrated with positive group work skills, to develop self-confidence, strong creative verbal & physical vocabulary, imaginative thinking.
  • 5 NOPROS LEARNING CIRCLES CURRICULA: each of them dealing with specific feature and areas of interventions of the Non-Profit sector for achieving key & transversal competencies.
  • SHORT TERM IMPACT: advantages of the NOPROS learning circles methodology for both the organizations and stakeholders dealing with LLL and the “adults community” to be involved in the experimentation. Each partner was in charge of setting up an experimentation environment for testing at least 2 LC curricula.
  • LONG TERM IMPACT: further beneficiaries were reached during the dissemination and the setting up of the e-Learning Circles for contributing to EU strategies for enhancing the quality of training offer and for increasing the adults participating to LLL.


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