One more child goes to school (2005-2011)

ANCE, with the occasion of the Global Education Week 2005 – “Learning for All, Everywhere, Now!” initiated the project “One more child goes to school”.

The aim of the project was to provide the opportunity to less privileged children, in developing countries, to access education and knowledge and break the cycle of poverty that inevitably leads to social exclusion. Those children came from low-income families, were living in difficult conditions and were being forced to work from a very early age.

The project was implemented in Egypt, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Kenya.

The program was based on the monthly contributions/sponsorships of sensitized citizens and organisations in Greece. The contributions were reaching the beneficiaries in the form of educational material and clothing, items that were considered essential in the process of their social integration. Child sponsors received a personal information pack, which contained the child’s photograph, info about the family and/or community where the child lived, and updates on the child’s/ program’s progress.


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