Organic Farming Development in the framework of the National Development Programme of Moldova (2009-2011)

The project was implemented with the co-operation of the Regional Environmental Centre Moldova (REC Moldova) and aimed at the promotion of organic farming in the framework of supporting the efforts of Moldova for the creation of a sustainable basis for agricultural reform and poverty reduction in rural areas, as part of the national development agenda.

More specifically the project aimed at:

  • Promoting the organic farming principles at national and local level
  • Strengthening the capacities of farmers and professionals (agriculturalists, food technologists, etc) in the field of organic farming
  • Promoting dialogue and collaboration between central governmental authorities, local authorities, farmers and other environmental and agricultural bodies and shareholders
  • Informing/sensitizing different shareholders (farmers (and their associations), government authorities, environmental NGOs, certification organizations, research institutes, agro-industries, consumers’ associations, etc) and the wider public
  • Promoting organic products’ certification process
  • Supporting the promotion of organic products at the local, regional and national markets.
  • The strengthening of the capacities of agro-professionals (agriculturalists, geo-technologists, food technologists, etc) and especially of local farmers in the field of organic farming provided the opportunity for the implementation of new agricultural practices that will raise the productivity and the income of the project participants (and their families).

The project was co-financed by Hellenic Aid of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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