Technical Assistance to Enhance Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Social Protection System in Ghana through support to the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection to ensure implementation of the Social Protection Policy (EuropeAid/138723/IH/SER/GH)

The project aimed to provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Gender Children and Social Protection in Ghana to ensure the implementation of the Social Protection Policy.

The Ghana Employment and Social Protection Programme aimed to contribute to inclusive growth in Ghana by strengthening social protection and employment systems in the country. The specific objective was to enhance social protection services, particularly for vulnerable population groups, and to generate decent employment opportunities.

The project was implemented through 5 components:

  • Establishment of effective coordination practices
  • Enhanced implementation capacity at regional and district levels
  • Modernized training and curricula at institutions active in social protection education and training and enhanced institutional capacities
  • Strengthened management practices at MOGSP at the Central and Local Level
  • Strengthened legal and regulatory framework

The duration of the project was from February 2018 to August 2022 and it was funded by EuropeAid.


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