Towards the sustainable region -DQE (2004-2006)

The DQE project was implemented by 16 partners in 5 European regions with the funding of the European Regional Development Fund in the framework of the Interreg III C North program. The project started in January 2004 and had a 3-year duration.

The project focused on the following sessions:

  • The Gothenburg strategy for regional competitiveness and sustainable regional development policies
  • The Gothenburg strategy for SME’s competitiveness and the development of SME’s competitiveness instruments.

The DQE criteria were developed in the beginning of the 90’s in Finland by Lahti Science and Business Park in the framework of the “Canters of Expertise” program. The DQE is an instrument for the monitoring and certification of SME’s aiming at promoting integrated sustainable regional development initiatives.

The DQE methodology was applied in 17 enterprises from different sectors in the regions of Anhalt (Germany), Achaia (Greece), Shannon (Ireland) and Kainu (Finland).

In the framework of the project, ANCE undertook the following activities:

  • selection of local enterprises and assessment of their needs
  • development of ameliorative plans and application of the DQE methodology
  • market research for the verification of the pilot projects’ results in Achaia
  • dissemination of project results.


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