TraVeL AGEnts: TraVeL AGEnts (Traveling, Volunteering and Learning Activities Generating Employment for the over 55s)

The project aimed at offering travel, volunteering, learning, intercultural and income generation opportunities to older people from 10 countries (Greece, Italy, Finland, Germany, Portugal, Cyprus, Estonia, Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic), through the establishment of the “Over 55s without frontiers” networks. The networks’ members were trained in sustainable tour planning, participated in test-travel cultural exchange programs and published an elderly-friendly low-cost guide book (Europe in 10 stops – Sightseeing, volunteering and learning opportunities for older travelers) in order to facilitate older peoples’ mobility in the E.U. and promote social inclusion and active participation.

The project activities that were carried out in all the 10 participating countries were disseminated both at national and at European level allowing the exchange of good practices between Northern and Southern countries of the Union and between old and new member countries.

The project was co-funded by the European Commission in the framework of the ENEA preparatory action on active ageing and mobility of elderly people.


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