Travel Transformation (2017-2018)

The overall objective of the Travel Transformation project is that youth workers and young participants from Germany, Spain, Greece, Ecuador, Mexico, and Chile will understand, reflect and communicate the importance of their role in shaping local, regional and global transformation towards more respectful relationships with nature and humankind. They will also equip themselves to take up responsibility for national and European policy making and strategy building and for showing opportunities to take up citizenship towards participatory and inclusive action for transformation. The specific objective of Travel transformation is to  (1) to develop and realize a methodological framework to capacitate youth workers and young promoters which will practically realize a three-step e-learning and encounter-based capacity building focusing on the so-called ‘transmedia storytelling’. In doing so, the young participants will (2) create a highly dynamic Transmedia Platform which will be designed as a “Travel Guide on Transformation” about the Planet’s challenges and their associated (positive and negative) stories in the six partner countries and beyond these. Thus, the participants will build up the big travel guide where the users can freely and intuitively move within the countries to read how transformation takes place, to get motivated and to act.


The project is funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme, Capacity building in the field of Youth.


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