Appui à la fourniture d’une offre de formation innovante, efficace et accessible équitablement à tous et qui répond aux besoins socio-économiques dans les 8 régions du Niger (FWC SIEA 2018 – LOT 4 : Human development and safety net)

(English title: « Support for the provision of an innovative, effective and equitably accessible training offer that meets socio-economic needs in the 8 regions of Niger»)

Niger faced an unprecedented rise in insecurity, particularly as a result of terrorist groups based in the area. There is a lack of employment opportunities for young people and a very large proportion of them are reportedly out of work and training. In this context, the integration of young people and their contribution to sustainable economic and social development was a priority for governments. However, the process of renewing the Nigerien TVET system was far from complete. The capacities of actors at all levels, especially those decentralized in the 8 regions of Niger, need to be strengthened.

The main objective of the project was to develop an innovative training approach that responds to the socio-economic needs of the 8 regions of Niger by:

  • Bringing concrete elements to the populations to motivate their choice of vocational training
  • Establishing effective and sustainable regional and national TVET planning that is consistent with international norms and standards and the needs of the economy.

To achieve these objectives, the project:

  • Strengthened the steering capacities of the TVET sub-sector.
  • Accompanied its evolution towards more de-concentration and decentralization.
  • Diversified the initial and continuing training approach while improving access and quality, particularly in the fields necessary for rural development and the socio-economic integration of girls and women.
  • Developed a national standardized system of apprenticeship.

Duration: January 2021 - March 2023

This project was financed by the EU and implemented by LUVENT in cooperation with ANCE.


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