Climb it UP – Climbing for Social Inclusion and Diversity

Climbing is a sport that is growing in popularity all around the world as an excellent way to discover a supportive community while enhancing one's self-confidence and enjoying a healthy workout. Making climbing more inclusive and accessible can have a positive impact on both the climbing community, through increased diversity, social integration, and personal growth for all involved, and on migrants and other ethnic minorities, by fostering the development of their social skills and enabling their inclusion. This opens the way to a more inclusive and diverse sport that can benefit everyone.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • To generate new knowledge regarding the benefits of climbing on soft skills development and social inclusion;
  • To raise awareness, capacities and skills among members of the climbing community and the involved organisations with the view to make climbing a more inclusive and diverse sport;
  • To use climbing as an educational tool for soft skills development and for promoting the social inclusion of migrants/ethnic minorities;
  • To raise awareness about the benefits of climbing on social inclusion and to promote engagement for a more inclusive and diverse climbing community.


The project starts in November 2023 and ends at the end of October 2025.

It is implemented by 6 partner organizations from 5 EU countries: ANCE (coordinator – Greece), EPOS FYLIS (Greece), LernLabor (Germany), Defoin (Spain), Zentrum fur innovative bildung - IEC (Austria) and Kamaleonte (Italy).


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Good Practices Collection 


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