Creating Bridges: Enhancing Cultural Exchange between EU and Ukraine

The Project stresses that cultural participation and exchange has a strong role to play during crises, as the pandemic has highlighted the numerous benefits of culture and the arts to individual and collective well-being, which holds true for the whole spectrum of participation, from artists to audience. With respect to the ongoing war in Ukraine, it can increase the resilience and mental health of people and strengthen the social inclusion of those displaced. The creation and transnational circulation of art and culture can consolidate existing socio-cultural ties, strengthen social cohesion, promote common EU values, and support the hard hit CC sectors.

In that light, the project has set three interrelated specific objectives: (a) to enhance the resilience, mental health, and social inclusion of Ukrainian people and displaced persons through artistic expression and exchange; (b) To strengthen the participation of Ukrainian artists and art workers in Europe and to mainstream Ukrainian culture; (c) to raise awareness and enhance public dialogue about the role of cultural exchanges between European and Ukrainian citizens.

It will achieve the above by knitting together art education activities and a series of cultural events, including major events, and smaller open lessons. The events disseminate results while engaging Ukrainian artists and the public, in Greece, Belgium, and Ukraine. The project will benefit UA persons, displaced persons, and art workers directly, and more than 15.000 people indirectly, artists, art workers and the public in all 3 countries.

Expected Results: resilience, the mental health of 360 UA persons strengthened, 12 UA art workers employed, 32 UA artists perform in EU, 1600 people attend events, Cultural Exchange enhanced, Awareness of UA culture raised, and Social cohesion strengthened.

Major Outputs: Art Workshop Curriculum, 12 Open Lessons, 2 Major Cultural Events, Podcasts series (15 UA artists), Video, 3 info days, final conference.

The project starts in December 2023 and lasts 24 months. It is funded by the Creative Europe Programme.

Partnership: ANCE, (Greece), Promote Ukraine (Belgium), International youth public organization ILYSA (Ukraine)


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