The overall project’s objective is to contribute to reducing gender-based violence (GBV) in Uzbekistan, and especially in the regions Ferghana, Kashkadarya, and Namangan, where GBV is most prevalent.

The project has designed a set of 6 interrelated specific objectives:

  • to identify and understand the root causes of domestic violence in Uzbekistan, based on the perceptions on the topic of the general population;
  • to raise general and legal awareness of women and girls regarding their rights, and of society in general on domestic violence;
  • to strengthen and improve the skills of CSOs’ staff through capacity building activities;
  • to train journalists and media professionals in promoting gender equality through their work;
  • to strengthen the dialogue and networking links between CSOs and other relevant national stakeholders for the development of a strategy on combatting GBV;
  • to promote and enhance communication and dialogue on the topic via social media.

The project provides tailored services to the following target groups, considering their unique position within the Uzbek social fabric.

  • 360 adolescents aged 12-16, and 2200 Women aged 16-44, in the Ferghana, Kashkadarya, and Namangan regions: These rural populations live in relatively remote regions, where GBV prevalence is the highest, apart from Tashkent.
  • 60 CSOs (120 staff), active in the area of human/women rights.
  • 170 journalists and media professionals: Strengthening the media sector and the emerging digital media environment in Uzbekistan is crucial for combatting negative gender narratives and disempowering views of women and girls.

The project lasts 30 months and its implementation is structured as follows.

The project is implemented with the cooperation of Mehrjon Center for Women and Children and funded by the European Commission, under Thematic Programme on Human Rights and Democracy 2021-2027, Individual Measure for Human Rights and Democracy for Uzbekistan (EuropeAid/174917/DD/ACT/UZ)

Survey Report: "Gender Narratives surrounding Violence and In/Equality  in Uzbekistan"

SPEAK Awareness Plan

Adolescents Training Hand out Files 

Adolescents Training Toolkit


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