Capacity Building Programme – equal project

Capacity Building Programme - equal project

The release of the Capacity Building Programme under the EQUAL Project, is now available!

This comprehensive programme is organised around two main pillars.

The first pillar is named  "Gender Equality and Combatting Domestic Violence" and its related modules are:

• European law for the protection of women and for combating GBV
• Effective monitoring and reporting of rights violations
• Raising women awareness regarding their rights
• Provision of psychological, legal support and other services to women victims of domestic violence
• Implementing actions for the re-integration of women victims of domestic violence.

The second pillar is named "Strengthening CSOs'/NGO's capacity for providing and sustaining better services to women and girls".

Its related modules are:
• Advocacy and lobbying
• Crowdfunding
• Improving financial capacity through Grants and submission of project proposals


The CB programme will start soon in the 3 regions of Ferghana, Kashkadarya, and Namangan.

To access the materials, please click here


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