SOUL SKILLS PROJECT ”Toolbox for Strengthening Soft Skills of Pupils”

SOUL SKILLS PROJECT ''Toolbox for Strengthening Soft Skills of Pupils

In the context of the project SOUL Skills created a Toolbox which aims to empower education professionals and parents in supporting soft skills training, evaluation, and development of children 6 -12 years old.

Readers of this toolbox will be able to:

-Learn how to use formal and non-formal activities in different learning contexts aiming to develop the soft skills of pupils 6-12 years old,

- Implement a step-by-step methodological approach that encourages pupils to develop their
skills according to their strengths and weaknesses,

-Develop their own creative skills and understand how to accommodate educational
activities targeting the development of soft skills.

This toolbox is suggesting new, innovative educational activities that are based in the holistic
educational approach focusing on the overall development of pupils’ skills.

Lastly, the toolbox includes recommendations to policy and decision-makers on how to support
education professionals, parents and youth experts to support the development of pupils’ soft
skills in parallel with the needs of the 21st century.

Click here to read the Toolbox.


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