Education for all (2008-2011)

With this project ANCE’s objective was to promote, through the voluntary work of young people (18-30 years old), the Millennium Development Goals and especially Goal 2 “Achieve universal primary education” (Ensure that all boys and girls complete a full course of primary schooling). The project was implemented in Egypt and Poland and the service of each volunteer was 6 months.

In Egypt, the volunteers supported and expanded the activities of ANCE, in the framework of the programme “One More Child Goes to School”.

In Poland, the volunteers organized and participated in sensitization and awareness activities about the importance of providing access to education for all in order to reduce poverty and promote sustainable development. They also participated in the activities of the local partner Gaja, whose main area of focus is education of children and youth, production and dissemination of a fanzine, press conference, etc.).

The project was co-financed by Youth in Action program, Action 2: European Voluntary service


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