Enhance Innovation Strategies, Policies and Regulation in Ukraine (2009-2011)

The overall objective of the project, implemented by Louis Berger SAS, Intrasoft, Logotech, Advansis, and ANCE, was to further develop an environment favouring innovation in Ukraine taking the European best practice into consideration. The specific objectives were the following:

  • Contribute to the identification of a Ukrainian innovation and research policy at governmental level that combines the best practices of the European Union in research and innovation and the specific characteristics of the Ukrainian innovation system;
  • Improve the adaptation and coordination of regional innovation policies corresponding to the governmental approaches and European best practice;
  • Support the improvement of the regulatory and legislative environment in favour of Research and Innovation in Ukraine and bring Ukrainian legislation on Intellectual Property Rights in compliance with the European best practice;
  • Upgrade the capacities of the State Department of Intellectual Property and other relevant actors dealing with Intellectual Property as well as those dealing with Research and Innovation.

The project involved the following activities:

  • Development of a Governmental Innovation Policy in Compliance with European Best Practice
  • Development of Regional Innovation Policies in Compliance with European Best Practice
  • Support to further develop the Legislation for the Sector of Research and Innovation
  • Support to the State Departments dealing with Innovation and Intellectual Property as well as other actors in the sector
  • Awareness and Visibility
  • Conclusions – Recommendations

The project was funded by the European Commission.


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