Europe for all? Raising Youth awareness on European Citizenship and Second Generation Immigrants (2008-2009)

The aim of the project was to involve young people with fewer opportunities (2nd generation immigrants) in the organization of an information campaign and cultural events addressed to other young people, exploring and dealing with the issues of cultural diversity and European citizenship in four southern EU member states (Greece, Spain, Italy, Romania) and one candidate country (Turkey).

2nd generation immigrants in the project countries face several difficulties, problems and obstacles growing up as “European citizens” with no actual rights (and usually no citizenship), trying to integrate both worlds (own ethnic group and mainstream society) into their own individual ethnic identity.

The project targeted 100 2nd generation young immigrants, 16-25 years old (20 from each partner country) that they were involved in the following activities:

  • Implementation of art workshops in each partner country (e.g. playing through theatre, hip-hop music, videos, photography, etc) exploring issues like ethnic identity and cultural diversity.
  • Organization, by the young people, of a transnational festival in Greece, including all forms of cultural expression developed in each partner country (during the workshops), aiming to inform other young people and the wider public in general, on the problems 2nd generation immigrants face growing up as “European citizens” with no rights.
  • Organization of an information campaign about the problems of 2nd generation immigrants, targeting youth in general (web site for the communication of young 2nd generation immigrants from various countries, production and dissemination of a fanzine, production and dissemination of flyer, organization of final press conference, etc.).

The project was co-funded by the European Commission (Youth in Action Programme).


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