European towns as integration laboratories. Tools for support and development (2010)

The project aimed at supporting the development of twinning between towns and communities in Europe, through a series of awareness, information and training tools. More specifically the action aimed at:

1. Promoting international cooperation between municipalities and communities of the participant countries and develop awareness and feelings of belonging to Europe;

2. Enabling and supporting twinning between towns and territories and provide the participants, and especially the administrators, with the knowledge and the skills required to promote twinning using the services offered by DG EAC;

3. Creating a partnership between local authorities and non-governmental actors from 7 countries; promote new partnerships between towns and communities, strengthen existing partnerships and implement / expand the network of municipalities and twinning communities in the member states.

As a vehicle for the promotion and awareness of target groups, that is to say the local administrators, the project aimed at spreading the European proximity to citizens and let them know the goals achieved in the member states and all over the world. Among the priorities of the project, there was the support to active European citizenship. The program tried to communicate the need for a direct and active role of European citizens, as Europe is a region where diversity is a source of wealth, memory and values. Together, we can build the future of Europe, a future where dialogue and social and democratic debate play a fundamental role and reinforce the sense of common belonging and cohesion.

The project co-funded by the EU Programme  «Europe for citizens (2007-2013)’, Action 1 – Measure 2.2 "Support measure".


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