Intercultural exchanges for equal opportunities (2007-2008)

The aim of the project was to promote women participation in the decision making procedures in the Mediterranean region by providing capacity building to young women active in civil society organizations (in Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Italy and Morocco) engaged in the promotion of equal opportunities.

The project that was co-funded by Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures focused on the establishment of a network of organizations for the development of awareness-raising and advocacy campaigns on the status of women in the Mediterranean.

The project addressed the theme “Intercultural exchanges for women civil society organizations”. Through participating in the capacity building workshops and the international conference of the project, young women members of CSOs (aged between 25-35 years), strengthened their project management and advocacy capacities, exchanged best practices and gained the necessary knowledge in order to raise public awareness on the status of women in their country.


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