Promoting Intra-European Mobility for Elderly (2004-2005)

The project was implemented by ANCE with the co-funding of the European Commission (DG Employment and Social Policy – ENEA program) in four European countries (Greece, Italy, Germany and Finland), allowing an exchange of social practices and aging-management policies in Southern and Northern Europe.

The aim of the project was to encourage elderly people to upgrade their working skills as well as to discover new interests in order to take up work again and/or start playing a more active role in society strengthening their relations with the younger generations.

The project activities included:

  • public awareness campaign regarding the employability and mobility of older people,
  • organisation of innovative tailor-made programs for the elderly such as basic English language courses and courses on the use of internet and chatting,
  • research on disappearing handcraft techniques and organization of conventional and on-line courses,
  • organization of a short study visit for elderly people in Greece
  • creation of website containing among others a transnational CV database of workers aged 55 and over and on-line disappearing handcraft courses.


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