Reinforcement of women’s employment through innovative methods of integration into the labour market (2005-2008)

The project aimed at assessing the current conditions of women employment in the country as well as at identifying innovative methods and instruments for the promotion of women employability. Emphasis was given on the identification of special needs, methods and conditions for the support of women access to quality posts (as far as remuneration, working environment, career opportunities, etc are concerned) taking into consideration of the local social and economic environment.

The project activities included:

  • a national research on women employment and remuneration
  • a personalised advisory guide for the support of women employees and their employers
  • the pilot application of instruments for the support to women employees
  • job placements for unemployed women in the pilot application areas
  • public awareness initiatives

The project was implemented in 5 pilot areas: Patra, Didimotiho, Keratsini, Agia Barbara and Peristeri.

The project was implemented under Measure 1.1 (Facilitation of access to the labour market) of the EQUAL initiative which was co-funded by the European Social Fund and the Greek Ministry of Employment and Social Protection.


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