Study on new technologies and people with disabilities (2013)

The study was carried out on behalf of the National Confederation of Disabled People, with the aim to identify the opportunities and threats faced by people with disabilities due to the rapid progress of technology, as first and/or second level users of new technologies, including supportive technologies. It included field research of people with disabilities to determine the possibilities of following, adjusting to, accessing and using the new technologies. The study concerned a wide range of technology applications relating to participation in electronic governance, education, communication, employment, entertainment and culture. Moreover, the study determined the minimum technical specifications required in order that the available electronic information and interaction with existing channels such as public administration, the mass media, etc becomes accessible and open to all. The project was implemented through the following phases:

  1. Desk research and design of the study
  2. Development of research tools
  3. Planning and implementation of field research
  4. Synthesis and analysis of the findings
  5. Drafting of the final study


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