Sustainable development of human resources for Romanian rural tourism! (2010-2013)

The general objective of the Project was the development of human resources from rural areas, in the Regions South-West, South-Muntenia, South-East, regarding the access and sustainable development in employment, in non agricultural activities on a flexible and inclusive labor market.

The specific objectives of the project were:

  • Improvement of awareness degree for needs and human resources potential in the rural area and also of the supply and demand on the local and regional labor market, within the 3 regions aimed by the project
  • Development of a proper coordination of services for development of human resources in rural areas, including the promotion of local and regional partnerships, focused on rural tourism, for provision of integrated and customized services, according to EU best practice and standards.
  • Improvement of skills and competencies for employees in rural areas in order to provide long term sustainability for human resources development in the rural area.
  • Promoting entrepreneurship and supporting business start-ups or independent activities in non-agricultural fields in the rural area.
  • Increased competencies and employability for persons coming from the rural area and facilitating access to integrated vocational training (VET) and employment programs, in non-agricultural jobs, required on the labor market.

The project was co-financed by European Social Fund (ESF) within the Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development (POSDRU) and the Romanian Government.


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