Youth Reclaim Community Life (2011-2012)

The project aimed to actively involve young people, especially the ones with fewer opportunities, in a number of intercultural activities for the promotion of a more sustainable way of life for all. Young people, and especially unemployed youth, migrants, refugees, ex-drug addicts, took part in the youth committees that was established in each partner country, and were engaged in the organization and participation in information campaigns and events, attempting to explore the issues of cultural diversity and sustainable development, starting from their neighborhoods. The project directly targeted 310 young people from the partner countries – Italy, Estonia, Turkey, Slovenia, Latvia, Germany that were involved in the following activities:

  • Implementation of neighborhood trainings/workshops in each partner country on intercultural dialogue, sustainable living and consuming and youth mobilization
  • Organization of information campaigns on diversity and on the promotion of a more sustainable way of life for all: (“Refashion-Rethink-Reuse” events, “From Multi-Culti to Inter-Culti” relations of the neighborhood”, information campaign on the implementation of Exchange Time Bank activities, “How to Reuse Best” contests, CLEAN & GREEN events, a “Swap not Shop” intercultural bazaar) targeting youth in general (blog and social networking tools for the communication of youngsters from various countries, production of videos on sustainable living best practices, production of one radio spot and dissemination of leaflets, banners, posters for the promotion of the festival, etc.).
  • Organization, by the young people, of a transnational festival in Greece, including all forms of cultural expression developed in each partner country (during the workshops), aiming to inform other young people and the wider public in general, on global issues such as climate change, sustainable development, racism and xenophobia.
  • The participants of the youth committees and other young people in EU countries gained access to information that provided them with the knowledge to support change of attitudes in society in order to further promote social inclusion, cohesion, solidarity and tolerance as well as shared awareness and deepened understanding of the individual responsibility for the environment.


The project was co-financed by Youth in action program, Action 4.5. Support to information activities for young people and those active in Youth work and Youth organizations.


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