Green Tick – The Regulation and Systematization of Social Media Content and Digital Apps Related to Health, Diet and Sports

Green Tick is an Erasmus+ Sport project that examines whether social media and digital apps related to health, diet and sports are convenient, reliable, and confirmable.

The “Green Tick” project works as a kind of pathfinder and, at some point, a control mechanism. The project seeks to establish an umbrella organization to deliver labels (Green Tick) to social media accounts and digital apps that produce verifiable and reliable health, diet, and sports content.

Thereby, it seeks to enhance knowledge related to physical activity, health, and diet and consequently ensure an increase in participation in the sport of young people in a healthy way throughout the EU by providing guidelines, training, and control mechanisms.

In more detail the project aims to:

(a) fill the lack of guidelines for both users, content producers, and app developers,

(b) provide quality training for both users and producers. Thus, enhancing the reliability, verifiability, and safety of information, visual, and videos that is produced by social media content producers and app developers,

(c) determining criteria for social media and digital applications in terms of producing reliable, verifiable, and harmless information, visual and videos,

(d) publish a report for good and bad examples of social media accounts and digital applications. After that Green Tick label will be delivered with good examples,

(e) increase awareness among young people and their participation in physical activity.

Consortium: ANCE, Bolu Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sport (coordinator), Sport Evolution Alliance

CEIPES ETS, Fitnes zveza Slovenije, Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University, Universidad de Sevilla

Project duration: 24 months (January 2024 - December 2025)


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