Framework Contract Director


Framework Contract Director

ΜSc  in Marketing - Management, BSc in Business Administration.

Vicky holds a MSc in Marketing – Management, with a main degree on Business Administration with Finance pathway. She has extensive experience in total coordination, monitoring and management of large scale and complex EU funded Projects offering Technical Assistance (TA) to developing/transition countries, mainly in IPA, ENPI and DCI countries. She has more than 10 years of experience in the fields of Education, TVET, LLL and social development and she was coordinating for more than 5 years the World Bank Projects’ Department. She possesses extensive experience in EuropeAid and WB projects and has managed more than 30 international big budgeted projects (overall responsibility of projects’ implementation; communication and negotiation with consortium partners and client; development and implementation of monitoring techniques; organization and facilitation of international study visits; coordination of project activities; drafting ToRs, reports and performing quality control of deliverables; project budgeting), with involvement also on research and development (Horizon 2020, Life Long Learning). She is the FWC Director for the FWC SIEA 2018-LOT 4 "Human Development and Safety Net" since March 2020.  She has excellent presentation, communication and report writing skills and speaks English fluently.

Επικοινωνία: Vicky Zisaki


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