bilateral meeting with AVALI

bilateral meeting with AVALI
On 22 November we held an online meeting with Ms. Penelope Alexiou, founding member of the organisation "Avali", which is angency for the protection and social integration of autistic children, teenagers and adults, that unites parents who have children with ASD and not only.

"Avali" means a small, windless harbour and "Avali" organisation aims exactly that, to become a safe harbour for parents with children on the autism spectrum (ASD). Its activities focus on  interventions for a better education system, integration into the labour market, health-safety and protection for autistic people and at the same time support for their families.

In our extremely interesting meeting, we discussed the "walls" that families of people with ASD face on a daily basis and the unprecedented challenges they encounter. Ms. Alexiou shared information and facts about the characteristics of autism, its diagnosis and the myths that follow it, while emphasis was placed on existing actions that Avali is implementing and future actions that are already planned.

Among the many topics discussed, special mention was made of the difficult issue of preparing children on the spectrum for adulthood and autonomous living. Both sides expressed their willingness and interest in jointly carrying out actions in the near future and, for a start, agreed to schedule a next meeting.

ANCE team would like to thank Ms. Alexiou for this valuable meeting, which was implemented in the framework of the bilateral meetings of the project "Strengthening the organizational and operational capacities of ANCE", funded by the Active citizens fund with grant manager the Bodossaki Foundation and Solidarity Now.


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