Sustainable development

Sustainable development offers a vision that includes short and long-term goals, local and global actions related to social, economic and environmental issues which are inseparable and interdependent components of human evolution.

We are working to develop deprived and poor local societies / economies in combination with the environmentally responsible use of all resources: natural, social, human and financial to ensure that meeting next generations’ needs will not be at risk.

We implement projects that focus on reducing environmental pollution, awareness raising on climate change, promoting the use of alternative energy sources and green economy,  promoting the alternative use of land through organic farming, developing agro-tourism and generating income for the less privileged. Through the implementation of our projects, we strive to develop the appropriate economic, social and environmental conditions that will lead these regions to growth, either through the expansion of an action or by creating opportunities for new actions. Our projects also offer new employment opportunities in the areas we intervene, which by itself, contributes to their economic growth.

We seek to contribute to the implementation of the Sustainable development goals and to transform our world based on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


Apart from the above projects, ANCE has also participated in the following ones:

  • Urban and environmental control of a warehouse of the public power corporation
  • Survey report for waste streams and alternative fuels in Greece
  • The regional solid waste management plan of the Peloponnese as a solution to municipal waste
  • Air pollutants & noise measurement reports on industrial areas in Greece
  • All you need to know about water technologies & resources in Greece
  • Building environmental bridges between EU and Turkey towns
  • Delving into the world of public power corporation: environmental study of the regional warehouse
  • Environmental and socioeconomic study of district heating project in megalopolis
  • Environmental impact assessment study for Andreas Syggros venereal & skin diseases hospital
  • Environmental study for the project: small hydroelectric plant 1,9 mw installed capacity in the river Manesaikos, prefecture of Achaia.
  • Environmental and socioeconomic studies for large quarry in Peloponnesus region
  • Focus on anaerobic fermentation of organic waste for the production of bio-gas and compost
  • how to save Evia, and Mantoudi from the coal power plant
  • Installation of a desalination plant at Paxi island, Environmental dimensions
  • Keeping the Peloponnese regional solid waste management plan, consistent
  • Municipality of Meligala, is making great strides in an effort not to install a biomass plant olive in the industrial area
  • Oia community problems with uncontrolled waste disposal
  • Olympic facilities under the scope of environmental study
  • Qualification and certification
  • The environmental and socioeconomic impact of public power corporation on Corinth region
  • The environmental impact of Public Power Corporation SA warehouse at Achaia prefecture
  • The installation of desalination plant in Ithaki island, from the environmental scope of view
  • The recording of solid residue from municipal wastewater treatment plants
  • Thessaloniki industrial area makes a change on environmental terms
  • Uncontrolled waste disposal sites, and the technical rehabilitation study
  • Waste management plan of the management unit of Thira island


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