ACTION-L.IN.C : Action for leather integrated cooperation (2005-2007)

The project focused on the design and the implementation of an age management strategy that applies innovative HR management techniques to SMEs in a traditional sector such as leather production and manufacturing, where most of the workforce is aged and has a lack of new skills.

The objectives of the project included:

  • Transfer of good practice examples to textile and leather production SMEs, which have already been successfully implemented in bigger companies and concern the HR management of the ageing workforce
  • Networking and sharing experience between SMEs of the specific sector nationally and transnationally, in order to spread knowledge on age management.
  • Investment in new methods of training
  • Awareness and sensitization of employers, in order to adopt and apply age management policies and create an attractive work environment for older workers
  • Awareness and sensitization of workers’ trade unions, in order to support the project’s initiatives and participate actively in the framework of social dialogue
  • Encouragement of older workers to remain active and upgrade their working skills and raise their self confidence by making them feel active members of the society
  • Addressing immigrants' social exclusion by enhancing their employability in the leather production sector.

The project was co-financed in the framework of the “Innovative Approaches to the Management of Change” (Article 6 of the European Social Fund Regulation).


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