PRO-COMPETENT! Qualifications and Certifications of Competencies for a Sustainable Development (2009-2013)

The aim of the project was to improve the quality of the evaluation system and certification of vocational competencies through the development of the institutional capacities of the Sectoral Committee and through centers for the evaluation and certification of vocational competencies acquired in non formal context. The specific objectives were the following:

  • Development of the institutional capability of the Sectoral Committee (SC) to ensure the quality of validation of prior learning, through professional development for its staff.
  • Development of procedures and tools and validation of two new occupational standards in the approached field, to support the development and implementation of NQF.
  • Development of institutional capacity through the development of assessment and competence certification centers, supporting the structure and the improvement of the certification system of prior learning, and training of sectoral evaluators in the approached field. By strengthening institutional capacity and conduct of training activities, by developing procedures and tools necessary for validation and certification centers of prior learning the lifelong learning and recognition of previously acquired competencies is encouraged.

The project was funded by European Social Fund in the framework of Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development and the Government of Romania


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