Job creation and improvement of living conditions through the establishment of a rural co-operative and the supply of renewable energy – Uzbekistan (2009-2011)

ANCE, in cooperation with the Association of Farmers of Uzbekistan, implemented a project at the remote village of Kamar, Shakhrizabs region, Kashkadarya province that promoted job creation/income generating activities at local level (creation of small enterprises managed by the community), through access to renewable energy services.

The provision of electricity on a least-cost basis to the village of Kamar facilitated the development of economic activity and increase in employment that can lead to the improvement of living standards, and ensure sustainable economic growth and the reduction of poverty. The use of renewable energy also has beneficial effects on the levels of health, and potentially education and literacy of the local population and contributes to the protection and conservation of the environment.

The creation of new jobs and/or additional income for the inhabitants of Kamar has been achieved by the installation of a Renewable Energy System (RES) (Micro hydropower station, Wind power station, PVS and solar collectors) that provide sustainable energy not only to the village households, but more importantly to new small enterprises that have been established and are managed by members of the community (through the establishment of a co-operative, which also manages the RES).

The project was co-financed by TACIS Institution Building Partnership Programme (IBPP), Support to Civil Society and Local Initiatives.


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