EQUAL project – Training Materials

EQUAL project - Training Materials
We are happy to share with you the development of the training materials for activity 4.1 Innovative & Experiential Workshop for adolescents of the EQUAL project.
Through this specific activity, we are delivering innovative and experiential workshops designed specifically for adolescents aged 12-16. These workshops, set to run for 4 months, are not just about learning—they are about transforming perspectives and building a brighter future.
What is it about?
Tailored, hands-on training that helps adolescents recognize and claim their rights.
A focus on deconstructing negative gender views and promoting gender equality.
Workshops developed from in-depth insights to ensure they are impactful and relevant.
Key Highlights:
360 adolescents (12-16 years old) will benefit, with an equal focus on both boys and girls.
The workshops aim to strengthen their understanding of gender equality through experiential learning.
This initiative builds on established connections with local CSOs to enhance reach and local ownership.
By empowering our youth with the knowledge and tools to challenge and change negative gender perceptions, we are laying the groundwork for a more equal and just society.
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