IG contest


The HeForShe campaign launched in 2014 by the UN Women encourages everyone to take action against gender inequalities.

ANCE ngo shows her support the HeForShe campaign by organizing a special photo project. In order to raise awareness about gender equality we would ask you to take a picture of yourself, using the black and white filter while holding a paper on which you would have written one sexist remark you’ve ever been told. You can then post your picture using the hashtags #HeForSheGreece and #StopEverydaySexism and dont forget to identify us on your picture: @ancengo

Your photos will be published in a photo album and your name will be included. Be sure to have an open Instagram Account!

If you want to stay anonymous, you can send us your picture on our IG email box or at amandine.morin@ance-hellas.org

Follow us on Instagram: www.instagram.com/ancengo

Have a nice photoshooting!


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