New Job Opportunity: Interpreter / Cultural Mediator (Arabic – English)

New Job Opportunity: Interpreter / Cultural Mediator (Arabic – English)

ANCE is searching for Interpreter / Cultural Mediator (Arabic – English) for the project “A New Approach in Cultural Learning for Promoting the Social Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees (NEST)”


Location: Athens, Greece

Type of Employment: service provider, Freelancer

Duration: January – February 2021

Background: In the framework of the NEST project a primary research will be conducted to migrants and refugees who live in Greece. The scope of this research is to identify both the degree of the social inclusion of these people in the host society as well as the obstacles, barriers, constraints that they face for their smooth integration.

 Scope of work: Under the guidance and supervision of the ANCE Coordinator, the Interpreter/Cultural Mediator will translate the survey questionnaire, will conduct 10 interviews with migrants, will transcribe the interviews and translate them in the English and will prepare a report, where he/she will describe the interview process and the final outputs.

⚠️ The services of the Interpreter/Cultural Mediator will be provided in Athens, Greece.

Interested candidates should submit their CV at by 24 December 2020. For more information you can call us in the following number: +30 210 8215044



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