Travel Transformation – Summer workshop in Karnitz, Germany

Travel Transformation - Summer workshop in Karnitz, Germany

Our participants in the project  "Travel Transformation! - A transmedia travel guide on social-ecological challenges ", in the framework of the Erasmus + programme, shared with us their experiences from the summer workshop in Karnitz, Germany!

"Six countries and about 40 people met in the most remote part of Germany in Karnitz. A whole world in a very small part of the world! That was enough to collect unforgettable memories and feel lucky and grateful for this experience. "


"Overall, the experience in Karnitz was very positive and I think that the coordinators deserve congratulations because they managed to do something so great, with such good results."


"This trip was definitely an invaluable experience. The exchange of ideas, the cooperation and generally the communication with people from different countries of the world  was a very special experience. We did much,  and we felt like we had spent a longer period of time together and not just two weeks. In general, we became richer in knowledge, experiences and feelings. "



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