KLIMACLIMA – International intercultural encounters and multimedia competition on climate change, renewable energy and south-north development issues (2009-2010)

Nowadays, the economic crisis tends to push away climate change, energy and poverty issues from the global agenda. Many things are still demanded and postulated but it does not mean that we and the younger generation are (and keep being) well informed about the topic. The project’s objective was to make use of new media to sensitize and empower young people in six countries on climate change issues and renewable energy by launching a virtual competition and festival, organized and backed up by two international encounters in Chile and Germany with 12 participating youths from Germany, Italy, Greece, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Chile. The project assessed media products made by youths from all participating countries and awarded the winners during a two-day virtual festival and an awarding event.

The youths then disseminated the multimedia products, their ideas, information, and messages throughout Europe and worldwide by using guerrilla marketing strategies which allow a low-budget but highly effective impact on target groups. The project initiated an intercultural learning process on issues which are relevant not only to Europe but world wide and which will be of crucial importance in the future and thus an important area for youths to take action.

The project was co-financed by the “Youth in Action” Programme, Action 3.2 Youth in the World: Cooperation with countries other than the neighbouring countries of the European Union.


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