Improving the Educational Quality through the Design of the New Initial Teacher Training and the Preparation of the New Master Plan for the Training and Pedagogical Practice in Classroom in Paraguay (FWC SIEA 2018- LOT4: HUMAN DEVELOPMENT AND SAFETY NET) (Sept.2019-February. 2020)

The growing concern of Paraguayan society towards the quality of the processes and educational results makes us look at the necessary transformation of teaching practices. The EU multi-annual programming document for Paraguay for the 2014-2020 period, provides for the continuity of support for social policies aimed at the education sector.

More specifically, this project is divided into two components: a) the development of the new initial teacher training; b) the development of a new Master Plan.

This project and the aforementioned initiatives are aimed at transforming teacher training and pedagogical practice and thereby contributing to achieving good quality of the educational processes and results of preschool, first and second cycle through standardized class plans for languages, mathematics, natural and social sciences; which include activities to develop life skills, ICT and thereby achieve the satisfactory development of the competences provided for in the current study program.

This project is financed by the EU and the main implementing partners will be EMERCON, I&D and Pinto Luvent.


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