Within the framework of the EU-Mali Cooperation, approx. 100 million Euro are allocated in the National Indicative Program (PIN) of the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) for the support to the education sector in the period 2014 -2020. This support aims to contribute to the improvement of learning for all young Malians and to increase the efficiency of the education system. Of this envelope, 20 million euro were committed for the Support Programme for Basic Education in Mali (PROF) whose Financing Agreement was signed on 6 April 2016. With an implementation period of 66 months (including 42 months of operational implementation and 24 months of closure), the PROF Programme intends to respond to the priorities set out in the Interim Education Sector Recovery Program and vocational training.

The specific objectives of PROF are three: i) Improving the quality of basic education; (ii) Strengthening the decentralized management of the basic education system; (iii) Improving access for children who are out of school and out of school.

The specific objective of this mid-term evaluation mission is to provide the various stakeholders of the PROF with the elements enabling them to assess the progress of the program against the expected results and to take the necessary measures to achieve the objectives.

The program will be assessed on the basis of the five OECD DAC standard criteria: relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and impact. In addition, two specific EU evaluation criteria will be examined: 1) The European added value of the program, from the point of view of its conception and its implementation; 2) The coherence of the program itself, in relation to the strategy pursued by the European Union in Mali and that of the Member States.

The project will be implemented in three phases:

  • Desk research including analysis of background documents, re-formulating of evaluation questions, review of draft workplan and preparation of field phase.
  • Field research including meetings with the EUD and other stakeholders in Mali
  • Final phase including drafting the mid term evaluation report and recommendations as well as proposals for future programmes to support education in Mali.

The project is financed by the EU (European Development Fund) and implemented through the Framework Contract SIEA 2018- Lot 4 Human Development and Safety Net, of which ANCE is the Consortium leader.


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