Transnational exchange for the active aging (2005-2007)

The project aimed to design an integrated strategy for active ageing that will improve the labour market situation of older workers and enhance the capacity of, and incentives for, older workers to remain or to re-enter in the labour market. The project also promoted transnational exchange and co-operation in order to address some of the crucial aspects of demographic change management at European level and to facilitate the exchange of best practices and experiences between transnational partners.

In the framework of the project an Integrated Age Management Strategy was published. The Age Management Strategy is structured around four pillars which include a number of key measures to support the retention of older workers in the labour market, to combat age discrimination in employment and to maintain and upgrade their ability and employability. Each measure is completed by successful age management practices and models.

The project was co-funded in the framework of the Second Transnational Exchange Programme – DG Employment & Social Affairs.


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