Youth Alert! Volunteers with Global vision of sustainable development (2010-

Youth Alert! Volunteers with a global vision for a sustainable development! (2011-2013)

With the present project ANCE’s objective is to promote the importance of global cooperation and youth mobilization for the achievement of Millennium Development Goals and poverty reduction.

The programme activities were implemented by volunteers in Italy, Spain, Zimbabwe and Costa Rica. The partner organisations hosted 2 volunteers per semester x 4 semesters = 32 volunteers in total. More specifically, In Italy volunteers,  participated at the project “La Città dell’Utopia” and they contributed in all activities of SCI Italy, such as the organisation of international workcamps, focusing on raising awareness of the local community on the Millenium Development Goals and sustainable development.

In Spain the volunteers coordinated activities, in cooperation with the local partner Cocat, in order to sensitize and mobilize the local community on issues regarding extreme poverty and active citizenship and especially they will participate in the organization of environmental international work camps.

In Zimbabwe the volunteers participated in the activities of the local partner Contact Family Counselling Centre focusing on informative campaigns about prevention from HIV/AIDS, on supporting children and their families affected by the HIV/AIDS and on strengthening social/family bonds which have eroded from illness and migration while in Costa Rica volunteers participated in awareness raising campaigns on climate change and they also organized educational activities for the marginalized children of the local community.

Duration of project: 2011 - 2013


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