ANCE has joined the Greek Network “Diversity in the Workplace”

ANCE has joined the Greek Network “Diversity in the Workplace”

ANCE is contributing to the spread and support of the message of diversity, by entering the Greek Network “Diversity in the Workplace”.  After signing the Charter of Diversity, our organisation undertakes to:

  1. Proceed with internal corporate information provision and awareness raising actions on diversity and its various aspects, in collaboration with a body/bodies specialising in the field, contributing substantially to the formulation and implementation of a corresponding internal policy and work culture in the organisation
  2. Communicate internally the promotion of non-discrimination, and practices already adopted or that will be re-designed or adapted for that purpose, in various ways such as trainings, announcements or inclusion of the principle in the Code of Conduct
  3. Include the principle and practice of non-discrimination in recruitment procedure, from the job opening announcement to the job interviews, but also during employment in the organisation, as well as the application of equal access to all positions and grades with emphasis on the individual’s qualifications
  4. Establish a reporting mechanism for discrimination incidents or update the existing one and facilitate information’s dissemination concerning discrimination among employees per department but also as a whole
  5. Respect labour rights taking into consideration what is provided for by the labour law, but also what is provided for by the law based on each employee’s identities
  6. Spread and promote the message of diversity and of the relevant actions with customers, clients, partners and suppliers
  7. Report annually the practices adopted and the actions fulfilled to promote the principle of non-discrimination, and share that report with the Greek Network for Diversity.

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