Accompagnement de la centrale d’achat ASRAMES (à Goma en République démocratique du Congo) dans le cadre du transfert des responsabilités d’approvisionnement des produits du Fonds Mondial au SNAME (Système National d’Approvisionnement en Médicaments Essentiels)

The European Union has been supporting the health sector in the DRC since the 1990s. In general, the European Union's support is aimed at strengthening national systems, by providing technical assistance. As an essential pillar of the healthcare delivery system, pharmaceutics are part of this frameworks’ support. The general objective of the technical assistance covered by the framework is to provide support for the transfer of responsibilities from the Global Fund to ASRAMES for its BCAF function more specifically and the implementation of activities planned within the framework of the roadmap and certain strategic axes of the strategic plan of ASRAMES for the period 2020-2024.

Specific objectives:

  • Consolidation of the BCAF function of ASRAMES
  • Strengthening of the ASRAMES Quality Assurance system
  • Strengthening of the order and distribution monitoring and evaluation system
  • Information on indicators, analysis, and use of information to guide management decisions


  • ASRAMES (Association Régionale d’Approvisionnement en Médicaments Essentiels - Regional Association for the Supply of Essential Medicines)
  • SNAME (Système National d'Approvisionnement en Médicaments Essentiels - National Essential Medicines Supply System)
  • BCAF (Bureau de Coordination des Achats de la FEDECAME - FEDECAME Purchasing Coordination Office)
  • FEDECAME (Fédération des Centrales d’approvisionnement en médicaments essentiels - Federation of Essential Medicines Supply Centers)

Duration: September 2021-May 2024

This project is financed by the EU and implemented by Luvent Consulting.


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